Friday, January 8, 2010

More good reviews!

I'm so very fortunate! I just saw two more reviews for "Blood and Groom". Both reviews are on blogs and both are really good!

Living a Life of Writing says:

"A fun fast paced read, with a better ending than I could have imagined, Sasha Jackson deserves a repeat performance. The writing is witty and fun, with more than a few twists on cliches."

Check out the review at:

The next review is from She Does The City, and says:

"Bonus fun for Toronto readers are the spot-on descriptions of local settings like The Pilot, Steve’s Music Store and The Horseshoe. It’s a quick, entertaining read best enjoyed with double vodka tonics and morning after grilled cheeses."

Check out the review at:

It's so great that people are writing about it. For a first time author, I am pretty darn lucky.

I must comment here on my previous post about reviews. So far, I have only had two reviews in traditional press, i.e. print, but I have now had five reviews on various blogs. This leads me to wonder about reviews in general and where readers look for book info. Given that print publishers have reduced the amount of space devoted to book reviews, I think it's safe to guess that more and more readers will check out blogs to find out about new releases... In any case, I'm very lucky (and very glad!) that I'm getting reviews, whether online, in print, or via carrier pigeon!

More on luck later this weekend: Out of the blue today, I got not one but two requests for interviews! I've never been interviewed before, so this will be cool!


  1. Any good review is well... good.

    I am glad to hear you are getting good reviews; it is a direct reflection on your writing skills, best of luck.

    Are you in the process of writing your next book?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    The second manuscript (Dead Light District) was finished in May 2009. I am now working on #3, which currently stands at about 35,000 words.

    The good reviews certainly give me momentum!

    Let me know what happens with your order from Amazon. Their page this morning shows copies in stock and even has an "express" delivery option.

    Cheers and thank you, Jill

  3. as always love your book, and it was my pleasure. but I think that people are coming to see reviews from blogs and other methods since you often don't get a bok review with traditional means.