Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Review for "The Lies Have It"!! And some other stuff too...

I was very happy the other day to see the first review of "The Lies Have It".  The review was great, and I'm still beaming.  You can check it out on Entertainment Realm by Amy Steele.  Here's a nibble from Ms. Steele's review:

"It’s diverting to read a mystery to stir things up a bit. Author Jill Edmondson created a great character in Sasha Jackson. This makes me want to keep reading. Sasha’s honest, gutsy, liberal and independent."

You can order "The Lies Have It" here.

Another thing that surfaced online this week are the photos of the launch party taken by SNAP.  You can check them out here

And, finally, I was a guest blogger today over at Carrick Publishing.  You can click here to see what I have to say about chairs and selling books.


  1. Great review! Bravo, well earned as well. Ahh, can't wait for my first one to come... so I'll bask in your glow for a while =)