Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awesome review of "The Lies Have It" in the Globe & Mail!!!

The Lies Have It

By Jill Edmondson, Iguana, 252 pages, $11.95

Been to a fetish party lately? Even if you aren’t a habituĂ©, you’ll like this stylish, smart novel set in Toronto’s downtown arts and culture scene.

This series, featuring aspiring musician-turned-private eye Sasha Jackson, has been optioned for television and it has all the hallmarks of success. There is a winsome PI, a sexy cop for a potential love interest and Hogtown as we would all love it to be: racy, witty and full of interesting, polymorphous perversity.

The mystery is a nicely plotted whodunit, but the real charm here is the setting. Edmondson, a communications professor, knows her town intimately. Even better, she knows how readers want it to be.

Review by Margaret Cannon.  Link to the Globe and Mail review column here.

You can order "The Lies Have It' on Amazon here.


  1. Wait, what? You've been optioned for television? How did I miss this?

  2. Interesting that the title couldn't be more topical politically.
    But quite apart from this, your idea has me hooked :).


  3. Jill;

    Congratulations. Keep going girl. I want you to continue the series until Sasha has cleansed my former city of crime and evil.

    Best, Steve Douglass