Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st or 3rd?

It occurred to me last night that perhaps I need to tell the next Sasha story from a different point of view...  This idea is intriguing and scary and exciting.  The first 3 Sasha books were all done in 1st person (Sasha's voice), with a wee bit of 1st person from Mary Carmen in book #2.

Th nature of the plot for the current work-in-progress leads me to think that it may be better done with multiple viewpoints/narrators.

I haven't actually done anything with this idea yet - it would mean going back and re-writing entire sections.  But, it may be the solution to a tricky plot, and it would certainly give me a mental workout trying to write in a whole new voice.

Let's see...


  1. I've done this with my Emily, too. She's all third person in book five! Interesting and I agree, very exciting, great mental workout.

  2. Some stories simply require different perspectives than you set out from. It's a sign of craft if you can recognize the need and adapt. Good luck!