Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recent Reads: Ray Oblique Sense

Full speed ahead!!!  This was terrific!  It felt like Ray was in my living room having a chat with me.   I've never seen the biopic, and didn't know much about the man, but - WOW! - quite the life he led!  He tells his story with respect and fondness, and with a healthy dose of self-reflection.  His "can-do" attitude and his refusal to be pitied or to wallow in bitterness are inspiring.  Highly recommended.

This was kind of interesting, albeit out of my usual reading realm.  I agree with the thesis, but question some of the examples Kay uses to illustrate his point.

I think I'm the wrong reader for this book.  I bought it quite randomly (sale table!) and was piqued by the general idea.  However, it really focuses on babies and how they learn to think/believe and how the brain develops.  I'm not overly interested in paediatric brain development.  Nonetheless, some of the tests, experiments and research he discusses are rather interesting.

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