Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aw shucks... Thanks... Gee golly whiz...

At the risk of sounding syrupy-sweet or like I'm gushing, I really am flattered and grateful to see that readers continue to pen reviews of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries.

Just this week, a reader posted this review of Blood and Groom (2009) on Amazon:  "This was a good mystery book with lots of humor, interesting characters, and several interwoven plots." 

A few weeks previous, another reader reviewed The Lies Have It (2011) on Amazon, saying: "In the Lies Have It she delivers another well paced well written adventure for Sasha.  The plot moves at a good pace and the mysteries are well written so you do not solve too quickly."

And of Dead Light District (2011), a reader recently said this on Amazon: "Having said that I really, really liked Sasha, she was a hoot. Smart, sassy and a little self effacing. She had it all going on..."

There have also been a few reviews recently on GoodReads, and these too have made me smile!

I feel I can speak for ALL authors when I say that reviews are welcome! It's so nice to get a response from a reader.  I really do appreciate it when a reader takes the time to post a comment online.  Feedback from people always gives me that little boost during those moments when writing frustrates me.  It really does help to keep me pushing forward!   Thanks folks!

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  1. you're a great writer, so what do you expect? these are wonderful reviews.