Saturday, August 23, 2014

Netflix: Misc. Documentaries 3

This was absolutely fantastic!!!!!  A frenetic stroll through the heartbeat of a place as it morphed and reinvented itself, while setting the scene and defining what's cool.  Five stars!!!!!

Another winner!  I had no idea what to expect and I was too lazy to change the channel.  As I watched, the movie became more and more captivating.  An engrossing story/slice of life.  
Highly recommended!

Interesting yet disturbing.  Scary to have another reminder of just how influential pharma companies are.  And, while I'm not one for male bashing, it's worth noting how the topic is framed almost exclusively as a woman's health problem: something must be *wrong* with her.  
Maybe guys should  just - oh never mind.

A real disappointment.  It was basically just a love fest - and I do adore Calvin and Hobbes, but I didn't need to watch a movie about them.  Better off just rereading some of the old comics.

Meh.  It was nice to see how fond the man and the elephant were of each other, and all warm and fuzzy that he wanted a good home for Flora (and I like elephants), but, dude - what were you thinking when you got an elephant as a pet and then had her in a circus for most of her life?  Glad she got a home, but the owner did little to elicit sympathy.

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