Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sasha Jackson Bio

Sasha is about 5'9", slim, has long blond hair (um, at least, well, it was long until the fire...) and she doesn't really need to wear an underwire support bra, but is damn glad she did that one night...

She's a Leo and reads her horoscope almost everyday (and always does the exact opposite of what it says). After the horoscope, she turns to the comics strips - which aren't nearly as funny as they used to be. Bring back Calvin & Hobbes! After the horoscope and the funnies, Sasha does the crossword (in ink) but only the regular crossword puzzles, never those damned cryptic ones, and don't even ask about those evil sudoku puzzles, arghh!

Sasha votes in every election (except for that one time when she couldn't get out of bed, ugh...), but she is not married to any one political party. However, if Sasha were an American, she definitely would have voted for Obama.

Organized religion scares the crap out of her, but she does believe in a higher power/superior being/heavenly den mother/cosmic CEO.

Some of her favourite quotations/adages are:
What? Me worry? (Alfred E. Neuman is sorely underappreciated).
Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
Hope is the confusion of the desire of a thing with its probability.
If you have 100 priorities, you have none.
Pickles make squishy bookmarks. (Did Confucius say this?)

Sasha still has a crush on John Travolta, circa the Grease and Saturday Night Fever days; she really thinks Archie should ditch Veronica and go for Betty; and although she loved playing with Barbie dolls, she mutilated every one she ever owned by either cutting their hair or applying ballpoint pen eyeshadow.

Sasha got kicked out of Girl Guides after just five weeks. Her Dad was a little embarrassed about this, but not at all surprised. Soon after her short-lived paramilitary stint, Sasha discovered boys and kissing - both of which were infinitely more interesting than selling cookies.

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  1. Did you know that you have perfectly described actress Sasha Jackson?She is blonde,5'9",slim and with a body to die for?Is this coincidence or were your books based around her?Would love to know as I'm a fan of hers.

    or follow her action site here at

    Hope to hear your response and will be buying your book when it comes out if its based on her!Awesome