Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Synopsis: Dead Light District

Bordello Blood

As open minded as she is, private investigator Sasha Jackson feels out of place when her latest cases plunges her into the world of commercial sex. A classy madame has hired Sasha to find a missing Mexican hooker, which seems easy enough at first. However, things become complicated when a nasty pimp turns up dead in the wrong hotel. The case becomes even more complicated when a spaced-out call girl, an arthritic old lady and a Rastafarian pawnbroker enter the scene.

Sasha figures out why the hooker ran away but has no idea where she is running to. But how fast can anyone run in stiletto heels? It isn’t until the next body turns up that Sasha realizes why the hooker must choose between fight and flight, and why the choice is so difficult. What Sasha doesn’t count on is illegal immigration, a slumlord in sweats, a Neanderthal bartender, and that designer kitchen wares will both threaten and save Sasha’s life.

As confusing as the case is, Sasha’s personal life is even more in disarray. Her ex-boyfriend is hoping they can make beautiful music together, a forgotten high school romance resurfaces, and - after a bit too much wine - an innocent flirtation moves to the next level. For the moment, though, the only guys on Sasha’s mind are a blond kindergartener, a battered drag queen and a guy who just can’t keep his pants zipped up no matter what city he’s in.

Sasha tests her moral compass as she tries to understand the sex trade and what someone will do in a moment of desperation. She is even willing to look the other way, but then Sasha realizes her ass is incredibly hot and the killer is incredibly cold.

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