Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few lines that made me chuckle... from "Blood and Groom"

Page 2:
“So, being accused of murder is shameful, but actually doing it is fine?” (Sasha)
“Exactly. If I’m going to get credit for something, I’d prefer it for something I really did do.” (Christine)

Sasha, page 5:
I could never see the point of yoga as a part of a fitness regime, too passive, and too easy to slip into a coma and call it a workout.

Sasha, page 23:
“Oh. Yeah. Baby.” My voice held about as much sexual excitement as a Jersey cow being milked.

Sasha and Lindsey at an exclusive spa, page 87:
After that we were off to our wellness class: ‘What Colour is your Aura’? Dude, I hope it’s tie-dyed.

Sasha, page 184:
Horniness had little to do with being culturally inclusive, unless you think of it in terms of an equal opportunity penis.

Page 217:
“What the fuck… this place looks like the Tasmanian Devil had an epileptic seizure in it,” Mick said.

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  1. :D I hope my aura is tie-dyed too!
    Can't wait to start reading your books! They are on my list, my very long list, unfortunately.