Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A round of drinks for the characters...

I've invented a bunch of wacky cocktails for some of the characters in
Blood and Groom.

Clockwise, beginning with the silver martini glass:

1. Chocorettotini for Sasha
2. Carousel for Rachel
3. Bitter Venom for Christine (penis straw optional)
4. Bloody Groom for Gordon
5. Teddy Bear (Teddy Bare) for Ted
6. Snake in the Grass for Darren
7. White Wedding for Rebecca

Recipes to follow...



  1. Great idea... couldn't help but crack a smile with the penis straw.

    i can realy emagin the person drinking out of that straw. {like to meet her lol}

  2. *Imagine*

    i should read my post before posting them...

  3. And it was great fun drinking all the 'practice' drinks!!!