Monday, November 2, 2009

Social media and your characters and your plot...

A question for all you writers out there:

Given the way that social media (Blogger, Facebook, You Tube, MSN Messenger, and so on) have infiltrated day to day life, I am wondering about their presence in fiction.

Do your characters use MSN messenger? Does your character have a profile on Facebook? Does your heroine send text messages to her friends? Is there an embarrassing wedding video of your protagonist on You Tube? Does anyone in your books send out "Tweets"?

Just curious... Jill and yes, I am now on "Twitter"... @JillEdmondson
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  1. I write in a time period that those things don't exist. i don't think I’ll ever write in modern era. If i did it would be way in the future where those things only exist in the past.

    But your idea sounds valid, and if I did write in this time frame I am sure I would use this method. It can only increase the bond between reader and character. If the reader uses those things, that is...

  2. I would mention Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or texting, if it fit the book and character. Some new things I would have to try out before I could write about, though.

    Straight From Hel

  3. My characters send email and instant messages, they prefer Google to Bing, and yeah, they use facebook. They'd use the others if the situations called for it. (Like Helen says, I'd have to try some of them first.)