Thursday, February 25, 2010

Writing Column from today's Globe and Mail - Russell Smith

This is a neat article on what advice established authors have for aspiring writers.  Lots of it, it seems.  Interestingly (but not surprisingly), much of the advice is contradictory.  Hmmm...  what works for you?

Click The Writing Advice Industry to read the article.

I read a few books on writing when I began my first manuscript.  I came across many valuable tidbits.  I also came across a lot of drek, or at least advice that didn't seem like it would suit my needs/plot/personality (especially being told to write everyday, set aside an hour a day, etc... For me, long chunks of time - ten hours on a Sunday, for example, works best, but I digress...)

What I did find helpful, though, and I mean really helpful, was reading books on how to get published, how to query an agent/publisher, how to prepare a manuscript, and similar topics. 

I think each writer's voice is unique, as is each writer's story.  But we all work within the same industry (a surprisingly small one at that), and learning about the techniques and tricks to get your ms or query noticed was immensely valuable.  It also yeilded results.

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  1. Amen... I agree, thx for sharing. I hope your book does well, keep us posted.