Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Book Signing... OMG!!!! What should I wear?!?!?!

So, I am still trudging along with book signings at the big box book stores almost every Saturday and Sunday.  It's fun and busy and I'm learning as I go.  There's one thing I hadn't given much thought to, though, until this morning: What should I wear?

Most of my book events of late have been squeezed in between work/school/social functions or commitments, so I've left home in the mornings dressed to suit all two or three appointments/engagements throughout the day.

Today was an easy day, however.  I had nothing "piggy-backed" on to today's book signing, and as I got ready to go, I found myself befuddled as to what to wear...

Should I look "authorish"?  I think that means something halfway between professorial and librarian.  Or perhaps "authorish" means Boho chic...  For a guy, I picture a tweedy blazer with leather patches on the elbows.

But what should women wear to signings?  The tone of my book is fast and funny, sassy and sexy, so a serious look or a suit doesn't seem to fit.  It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to dress like one of the characters in the book, but that would possibly only be effective with people who have read the book...?

Another thing I wonder about is hair and make-up.  Today I skipped the paint-by-number face and had the hair in a ponytail.  That's very natural and very "me", but I wonder if readers expect an author to look a certain way?

The only thing I am sure of as I go along is that I have greater success if I stand next to the signing table and say hello as people walk by.  They're more likely to chat (and buy!) than if I am seated behind a desk (I guess it seems I'm more approachable this way...).  So, because I stand for most of the time I'm at a signing, I have learned that comfy shoes are essential!


  1. Just be yourself thats how you write so be that way... it will work out in the end.

    keep it up and good luck, hope you sell tons of books.

  2. Be yourself. People can tell when you're being inauthentic with something. I think that the way we dress, the aesthetic we go for with our physical appearance, etc., can bear some reflection of our writing voice. I think that it's more tied together than we might think. With that in mind, wear what is a reflection of who you are, and not just the writer. If you dress true to yourself, you'll likely find that you're more approachable because you're in a comfortable, confident place.

  3. I struggle with what to wear on a daily basis. I can't imagine what it must be like to debate clothes for a book signing. I'd say something that is reflective of who you are is probably the way to go. But good luck with your choices. And with your book signing!

  4. I was so tired heading off this morning that I almost wished I could have gone in my jammies!

  5. If you go with the "see yourself as a brand" school of thought, you dress like your character - or like the image you want for your series.

    I usually go with jeans and a fitted top. I want to look casual but good. But that's my brand. Maybe you should wear fishnets and suspenders.

  6. I keep telling you.... Feather boa!

  7. I think you should be yourself; dress in what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and not worry about it too much. Be authentic to who you are -- after all, you're not your characters. You're 'the creator.'