Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pick-Up Artist, A Mantra, and I See Dead People

One thing about book events is that you meet lots of people.  This is generally a good thing... except when it's not...

Anybody can wander into a store or a library.  When you're trying to sell books and build an audience, you've got to chat with people.  I have had some neat conversations with aspiring writers, bookworms, poets and mystery fans.  All good, all cool, some more than others.

And then you get the weirdos and time bandits.

Time bandist are easier.  They yak your ears off for 20 minutes and have no intention of buying the book.  Hopefully, though, they will tell  friends or relatives about meeting you and those people will buy the book.  Hopefully...

Okay, so that's the easy part of things... and then...

This weekend, I did three store events.  At the first store event, a well spoken, seemingly friendly man started chatting to me about writing and kept yammering away for a good long while.  It soon became clear that writing was of little interest to him.  He was trying to pick me up!  He wandered off for a while, then came back, feigned interest in my book, asked me to go for a drink, etc. etc. etc.  Wandered away, came back, suggested wine afte rthe signing... Um... no thanks... I don't use book signings as a clever way to meet men.  YIKES!

Then there was this lady who politely talked books with me for a few minutes.  She seemed kind of cool and New Age or Hippie, and seemed genuinely interested in my book, until... She asked if I am spiritual, if I meditate, and whether I have a mantra or not.  I said no.  So she gave me my very own mantra.  It's Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu - sung at a rather high and steady note for about a minute and a half.  I think it means good fortune or go away or  please buy my book or something.  Dunno.

Then there was the lady today who said she is a medium for dead or missing children.  She consulted/communed with/contacted the cover of my book and told me the second book would do much better than the first one.   Uh, okay, thanks, have a nice day...

So, that was my weekend.  Book sales are steady, very encouraging.  Blood and Groom is in a SECOND PRINT RUN!!!  So, I'll contnue to do store and library events and will meet all kinds of people.  Perhaps some of them will be inspirations for future characters!!!


  1. Yeesh! That's why I started wearing a fake diamond ring at one of my previous jobs. It kept the crazies at bay quite well.

    Sounds like you got lots of fodder for characters.

  2. Sounds like a blast... but i am sure it iwll pay off.

  3. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I have definitely gotten some good fodder this weekend!!!!

  4. You are too funny. My favorite are the sweet little old ladies who come up to tell me that they bought a copy of my book and then passed it around to their entire church congregation and/or nursing home. And they've told all their relatives to be sure to check it out from the library.
    It's very nice of them, but won't somebody BUY a copy?! :)

  5. How true, how true, Rebecca! At least the PLR system here is a benefit with regards to the libraries.

  6. Wow, those are hilarious! Quite an interesting bookstore. Definately characters to put in the next book or a short story... :)