Wednesday, May 26, 2010

23 Ski-Doo, Groovy and Hip!

Is there an 'E' in groovy? 
The fact I have to ask that indicates just how UN-groovy I am!!!

I'm sure you all know about Urban Dictionary and other online sources for scoping out current slang and idioms.  Also, Urban Dictionary (IMO) is only helpful to check a word you already know, and won't spill out a bunch of suggestions if you're looking for that je ne sais quoi turn of phrase.  So, I've recently tried something different as a way to get tuned into the latest street talk.

Long ago, I created a Facebook fan page for my Sasha Jackson Mysteries.  I have over 1000 fans, and I can get demographic info about them (though no individual info).  Most of my fans (48%) are between 15 and 25 years old, so cooler and hipper (more hip?) than I am by far.

I recently posted a query on the Sasha fan page wall about contemporay slang.  The results were very helpful!  It turns out the word I had planned on using was wrong for the context I had in mind.  But the fans gave me some good suggestions for other common terms to use instead.

Funny to think of using Facebook as a tool to help you in the writing of a novel.


  1. What ever gets the job done...

  2. FB etc are wonderful sources of information! I once asked folks on my blog what word a 15 year old boy in my part of the world (rural western North Carolina) might use to describe his . . . er, manly equipment. Got some great replies, for sure.