Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obsolete Furniture... and Books

I remember years ago, every furniture store had a selection of microwave oven stands to choose from. Homes back then did not have a shelf space built into the kitchen to accommodate a microwave oven.  I also remember buying TV stands and stereo stands.  Now TVs are wall mounted, and you no longer need a stand that has a shelf to hold the VCR and space beneath it to store your VHS videos.  Think back too about buying a slim line stand or rack to hold all your CDs once you got rid of all your vinyl (or stuck it up in the attic).

I would hate to see the day when book shelves become obsolete as we give way to electronic books.  I love proudly displaying all my books on a shelf and I love adding to it and crowding the shelf with more and more hardcovers and paperbacks of recent bestsellers and myriad nonfiction works.  I love browsing the bookshelves when I visit someone's home.  I firmly believe a great way to get to know someone is to see what books they have in their collection.

Granted, the e-book revlolution is here and there's no turning back, but I doubt the digitalization of books will ever permeate our society to the same extent that it has in the worlds of music and video.  At least I hope not.  I would hate to see bookshelves become obsolete.


  1. I agree... also the less I have to stare at a screen the better. Going someplace quiet and relaxing is what reading is all about. Adding a screen is not my idea of reading plus turning the page and filling the book in your hands, smelling the paper is half the fun…

  2. I couldn't agree more Jeff!

  3. Bookshelves disappearing would be awful, Jill! We can finally afford an office and office furniture. I have two full bookshelves and three top half bookshelves and that doesn't include random bookshelves around our house.

    I love seeing what other people read (of course they would think I am very immature by the looks of my shelves).

    I love looking and buying antique books too...

  4. I know exactly what you mean Sharon.

  5. No bookshelves? No more shelves of books? Well, it certainly would trim my budget, but I love walls covered in books!