Monday, April 11, 2011

Guys: This is Why You're Still Single

Really Unsexy First Dates

Sasha’s standards are notoriously low, but even so, some things that guys do are just unforgivable on a first date.

Men: make note of these comments and keep them in mind next time you’re trying to impress the ladies...

1. The Baseball Cap. Unless you’re a fourteen year old boy, or unless the first date is actually going to see a baseball game, lose the cap. There may be some times when the cap is acceptable outdoors, but not indoors. Unsexy. It’s awkward to kiss a guy with the peak of his hat poking you in the eyes.

2. The Door.  It may well be that the days of ladies first, holding the door open, and all that are long gone, but still... The guy probably shouldn’t walk through the door first and then let it swing shut behind him. Just saying...

3. Her Coat. Yes, she can put on her own coat, but why not hold it out for her and be a gentleman? No doubt about it: This will score you some points.

4. Showing Off.  Bragging about your car/house/investments or whatever will only impress the kind of chick who is only interested in your for those things and nothing more. Water sinks to its own level.

5. Lothario/Don Juan Boasting.  Talking about your prowess in bed is tacky, presumptuous, a waste of your time... and every girl knows that it is sure to lead to disappointment. Women know that a guy who has to brag about it can’t actually deliver. And you’ll need to stock up on Viagra.

6. The One Word Text.  Sending her the one word text message. Are you a caveman? Can you not think of anything to say to her or to ask her beyond a one word text? And just what is it that makes a guy think that one word is enough to capture her interest? Unless it’s a big, cool word like sesquipedalian, don’t even bother to send it. It’ll just annoy her.