Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sasha's Taste in Music (...with a dash of stream of consciousness...)

My musical tastes are all over the map. The songs I was listening to when I was trying to solve the case of The Missing Hooker don’t really fit into any one category.

While I was looking for Mary Carmen, The Temptations came up on my iPod. The song was “Ball of Confusion” and that could well have been the theme song for that whole damn case. Of course, once I figured out where the Old Lady was, “I Can’t Get Next to You” was stuck in my head. Really, I didn’t want to be in the same room as the Old Lady... much less next to her.

The Dead Light District days really stressed me out, and at times the only way I could chill was to jam for a while. Usually one of my favourite bands to play along with is Sublime, but every time the song “Caress Me Down” came on, I started thinking about sex and a certain pair of hands caressing me up and down and everywhere in between, and... Well, I had to take a cold shower. Of course, I could say the same about Franz Ferdinand and “Lucid Dreams”. Very lucid. I had a craving for a cigarette when I woke up.

I still have mixed feelings about Mary Carmen. It’s not up to me to make judgements, at least early on it wasn’t. Until she tested my moral compass, I was on her side. I remember being in a Led Zeppelin mood, and playing “Living, Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)” and thinking that song title pretty much sums up Mary C. Plus, with her green eyes and body to die for, “Heartbreaker” is not an exaggeration.

As much as it might make me cringe, but because of Todd the Drag Queen, I’ll forever have a soft spot for Sonny and Cher’sI Got You Babe”. I had never really liked the song, and I’m even less keen about singing the male part, unless we’re talking the version Cher did in 1993 with Beavis and Butt Head... Somebody pass me a chain saw, please.

I think, for now, I’ll switch to classical; it usually mellows me out. Time to cue up Bach


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