Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn Titles!

I had a tough time coming up with a title for the third Sasha Jackson mystery. I sort of set a bit of a pattern with puns in the titles of the first two books of the series (Blood and Groom, Dead Light District), so I kind of wanted to keep up with the pun theme. As well, the punny titles relate to the plot of each book (weddings in Blood and Groom, prostitution in Dead Light District).

The plot of book three centres on politics and the fetish world, and let me tell you, the title was hard to come up with! I had some great suggestions from fans and friends plus a few ideas of my own, such as:

Cuff Me Tender

Lash and Burn

Tied and True

X Marks the Plot

In the end I chose The Lies Have It (a play on “the ayes have it”) because it encompasses the lies told in the sex games part of the story plus it sort of alludes to voting, although I must say there were things I really liked as well about the other title suggestions.

Now I need to start thinking of a title for book four... can't give many details yet, but it involves XXX films and I don't want to end up with a title that gets blocked by parental controls :-)


  1. Good luck with the fourth title... I have liked them all, so I am sure you'll pick a winner.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Any suggestions are welcome :)