Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cast of Misfits in "The Lies Have It" - Part Two

Here are a few more of the folks you'll meet in the next book, coming in November 2011.  More info on The Lies Have It here.

Robin the Single Mom She was well on her way to becoming an asshole when fate intervened and
straightened her out.  Her life now revolves around mashed potatoes, beaded jewellery, and tabloid mags, instead of mosh pits and after-hours clubs.

Justin The King This drop dead gorgeous swinger loves the ladies and a shot of chilled gin.  His smile makes women drop their pants, his charm makes innocent ladies do  unladylike things, but beware...  Justin's promiscuity might very well have led to murder.

The Dead Guy Okay, so maybe Ian Dooley was a bit of a wanker, but he didn't need for his final moments to be spent on his knees down by the Leslie Spit.  His world revolved around whips and chains, but ended in bondage and bullets.

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