Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy writing? Actually, no.

People think that I've been toiling away at my desk, burning the midnight oil to write the next book.  But it just looks that way... I haven't really written much since Christmas vacation.  But the assumption is understandable.

Blood and Groom (the 1st Sasha book) came out in November 2009.
Dead Light District (Sasha #2) came out in March 2011.
The Lies Have It (Sasha #3) will be out in November 2011.

From that timeline, it does indeed look as though I've been typing away, but release dates have nothing to do, really, with when the writing actually happened.

Blood and Groom was done - fully written when I signed a contract in November 2008 for it to be published.  The publisher decided on the release date, and their decision was to have it come out in November 2009.  So, it was in limbo for a whole year. 

During that year, I wrote and finished Dead Light District - it was done a few months before Blood and Groom was even released.

I decided to go with a different publisher when it came time to bring out Dead Light District, so that explains part of the reason for the long delay in its release. 

During that lull before Dead Light District came out, I finally finished The Lies Have It.  I actually began writing The Lies Have It in 2005!

The Lies Have It was the hardest of the three to write.  I liked the overall idea of the book (set against a fetish/S&M backdrop) but couldn't make the plot work.  So, I started and stopped it many times between 2005 and the last year.  In early January 2011, I completed the first draft of the whole manuscript.  In May 2011, I did some revisions, and then in July it went to the editor. 

So there you go, three books in two years, but the behind the scenes real timeline is actually quite different from how it seems.

I guess I'd better get busy writing #4 and #5.


  1. I love the way you say 4 and 5. Most people would just be thinking of 4. Does this mean you have two ideas you want to write?

  2. Very definitely! Idea #4 hit me over the head a few months ago. Idea #5 is loosely based on true events (except for the part about the dead body...)