Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Character's name...

I really like the name of my sleuth: Sasha Jackson.  I like how the first and last names sound together.

I chose "Jackson" as Sasha's surname as a nod to my father, whose name is Jack.  And I've just always liked the name "Sasha" (but don't like the way it looks when a "C" is added to it, as in Sascha - ugh).  I just like the way the name sounds... but...

I pronounce her name so that it rhymes with dash or bash or hash or sash.  Sa-sha.  A lot of people (readers and/or fans) will talk to me about the books and say they really like the character "Saw-sha" or "Sahhh-sha" which to me is a different name.

So, I'm just saying, it's Sasha.


  1. I love the name Sasha. I wanted to call one of my daughters it. My then-husband wanted Natalie so we ended up with Natasha :-)