Sunday, October 2, 2011

Launch Parties and Booze

At my first launch party, for Blood and Groom, there was a wedding theme (albeit a rather macabreone).  Given the love and marriage backdrop, it seemed fitting that we did a champagne toast after the reading.

At the launch party for Dead Light District, we did a toast with tequila.  One of the main characters in Cazadores is one of my favourite brands.
this book is a Mexican hooker, hence the tequila.  That's good, because I actually do like tequila (no doubt influenced by having lived in Mexico) and

The third book, The Lies Have It, will be out in November, and I'm busy now planning the launch party.  Goldschlager for this launch.  Visually and in terms of the flavour and style of the drink, it fits well with the plot, which this time around centres on the fetish world and politics.
Unlike the other two books where the choice of libation was obvious, this one was a bit of a challenge.  I like the launch parties to reflect the mood and tone of the books, and that includes everything from decor to music to food and drink.  I've decided to go with

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