Sunday, October 16, 2011

Planning the launch party for "The Lies Have It"

Yikes! The launch party for "The Lies Have It" (book three in the Sasha Jackson mystery series) is only about three weeks away!

Fortunately, I've done two book launches in the last two years, so planning the third will be fairly easy.  
  • I've ordered customized cocktail napkins again, as I did with the previous books.  The text will have the title and launch date beneath a lipstick kiss.
  • I've still got 1000 feet of yellow crime scene tape to decorate the room.
  • I've ordered "evidence" bags (both paper and plastic) for people who purchase books.
  • The bags and the tape are both from Crime Scene - you can order all sorts of really cool stuff from them!
  • I'll have the same three students working the event as I had last time.  They were good and they already know what to do, and I'm lucky to have them.
  • This time, we'll be toasting with Goldschlager.
  • Once again Iden Ford will take photographs of the party, plus SNAP photography will be there.
  • My neighbour Patti will make 100 special cookies for the guests (see picture below).
  • Michelle Elliott at The Pilot Tavern will handle things at her end (food, A/V equipment).
  • And Moose the Florist will make dozens of customized roses to hand out to each guest.
I can't wait till November 3rd!


  1. Jill - What a fabulous idea for a launch party! Sounds absolutely wonderful!

  2. It sounds awesome. I wish I could be there :-)