Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview Round Up - So Very Different

 I am lucky to have done a few - four actually - interviews in the last while.  Even though the interviewers chatted the same author, about the same books, and about the same main character, each interview was distinct.  

First up was the one with Bill Selnes for Mysteries and More.   Bill has read and reviewed all three Sasha books.  Bill is also a practicing lawyer.  So, the lawyer side of him prompted some interesting questions.  Bill also posts his reflections in a separate post after publishing the interview.  I think it's really cool that he does that - I like reading his thoughts. Click here to read Q and A with Bill or click here for his reflections.I also love the fact that in his reviews, he picked up early on that Toronto is as much a character in my books as is Sasha or Lindsey or anyone else.  Thanks Bill! (If I ever get arrested and can only make one call, it would be to Bill Selnes).

Patricia Flewwelling interviewed me for Nine Day Wonder.  This is the only time I've been interviewed by someone I have actually met a couple of times (at book launches, Bloody Words, etc.).  She knows (and gets!) my sense of humour, so some of my answers are out in left field (Keith Richards & coconuts???) Check it out HERE.  I knew I could get away with being cheeky in this instance.  (If I ever want to collaborate with someone on writing a radio drama about Alfred E. Neuman, it would be Patricia.)

Paul D. Brazill interviewed me for "You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?" I like the range of questions Paul asked me, including questions about my own reading preferences, about social media, and about big dreams for the small screen.   Have a look at Paul's House of Ill Repute here.  (If I ever needed an alibi to cover me as part of planning the perfect crime, it would be Paul). 

Finally, Richard Godwin interviewed me at his Slaughter House.  I've got to say, Richard asked me some of the darkest and most diabolical questions I've yet been asked in an interview (about motives and motivations and other great stuff).  He made me think carefully about my answers.  Here is the link to the Chin Wag with Richard.  (If I ever need an accomplice to help me carry out the perfect crime, it would be Richard.)


  1. Jill: Thanks for the kind words. You are a generous person.

    What an amazing collection of interviews. Each one is so different.

    I am confident you will never need to make that one call.

  2. Thanks for the words and thanks for the interview!

  3. I hadn't read all of these, so thanks for linking them. It's fun seeing the different styles.

  4. Jill I am glad you enjoyed it.