Thursday, February 2, 2012

What on Earth are People Searching For...????

Okay, so I keep a close eye on the analytics and stats for this blog.  Most things I see in terms of pageviews, comments, traffic sources, and such are boring and contain little that I didn’t expect.

However, periodically, I get a bit surprised by a search term or the key words that ultimately landed someone on my blog.  In many cases, I can figure how an unusual combination of words or search terms led an Internet surfer to me, but other times, nope.  I’m baffled!

The easily explained (though still odd) terms include:
  • “fetish bdsm cake”
  • “bdsm knife play”
Each of the above could have something to do with “The Lies Have It” and/or the launch party for it. 

The search term “spelling bee falacio” is directly related to a blogpost I did ages ago. (It was a character background of Sasha Jackson as a kid, and it also included a mention of the CN Tower).

As well, I did a post not too long ago about cool/funny book marks, so that post probably explains the following two search terms:
  • “bookmarks for your book that says cruz” (No idea what 'cruz' is about...)
  • “whodunit charming bookmark” (Yeah, some of the pics I added to the post were kind of charming...)
But then there are the key words that really boggle my mind; these are search terms that seem like they’ve come from outer space.  A few examples:

  • “douglas cork murderer” (Huh...?)
  • "bryan adams unibrow" (Huh again...?)
  • “biggest ruffle chip” (This is my all time favourite!)
  • “nut bolt art xxx” (Perhaps related to the character profile I did of Mimi-Minerva?)
  • “mature female sex tourism” (The idea of sex tourism infuriates me, so seeing this one in my top search terms that day or that week really rankled me... Am at a loss as to which blogpost could have had similar words.  I’d change it if I could figure out which post it relates to...)
  • "collectibles american road signs" (what...?)
  • "apostle thomas rod" (I have no idea...)
  • "van johnson actor and marilyn monroe on train" (wtf???)
  • "whiskey makes me frisky" (Ooooh! I like this one!)
  • "google earth pics funny xxx" (Okay, whatever...)
So, there you go.  That’s a random snapshot of things some people think (hope?) they’ll find on this blog.   I wonder how they react when they find out the blog is about mysteries and writing...


  1. How much do I want a ruffle chip now? :-)

  2. Yours, it would seem, are almost as random as mine. A year or so back, my top search was "I want to see my Facebook friends naked", but that was attributable to the article I wrote way back about an app that they were talking about that would enable you to do just that. More recently, my readers have found me by searches including anything from "Does Robert DeNiro still jerk it?" to "what would happen if I slapped a stranger?"

    My favourite of all time? "Where can I find pics of sweaty boobs?".

  3. Haha. Those are great. I had the search phrase "pictures of ladies with their panties down" land someone on my blog. I could never figure out how it correlated to anything on my blog. I also found it bizarre anyone would search for this as we all know a *lady* would never pose for such a photo.