Saturday, March 17, 2012

Availability of Dead Light District: Correction

A number of retail websites that list Dead Light District say that it is unavailable, out of stock, cancelled and such.  These websites are mistaken about the book's availability.  You can get it from several sources, in either paperback or as an ebook.

The sites listing Dead Light District as unavailable, etc. also have other errors.  First of all, it is not a Dundurn book (a number of sites still wrongly list Dundurn as the publisher - Dundurn never published this book).  Furthermore, on many of these same sites, the cover of the book is shown as a black and white photo of a woman, from the waist down.  She's wearing a very short skirt and has fishnet stockings on, and she is holding a gun. This cover was never used; no book by me was ever published with this cover.  (For the record, I absolutely HATE that cover - it looks like soft-core porn or erotica.)  Finally, the release date is also wrong (it shows as Dec. 2010).

The correct info is this:  Dead Light District was published as a paperback and as an ebook by Iguana Books in March 2011.

Dead Light District is on KOBO and NOOK and AMAZON and can be ordered directly from ME or from the publisher IGUANA.

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  1. got to love corrections like these-- I noticed is bad with that one-- I saw teh book, and it lists as unavailable, but that is not good for business... hope you will have this cleared up soon.