Monday, March 26, 2012

Sasha & Derek, Sasha & Mick, or Sasha & ...Sasha...?

Hmmm... Now that the 3rd Sasha Jackson Mystery is out, I'm starting to get some interesting feedback & fan responses about Sasha's love life.  Some readers (and reviewers) like Sasha more as a single chick, and some like the fact that she has a budding romance with the lawyer Derek Armstrong.


In Blood and Groom Sasha was single and dateless.  Her ex-boyfriend (and former band-mate) Mick was sort of in the picture.  The two of them have (had) MAJOR chemistry, but just can't get along for long, outside of the bedroom (or offstage... and the  stage stuff has zilch to do with the bedroom stuff... in case you were wondering!!!)

Halfway through the 2nd book, Dead Light District, Sasha has a very passionate encounter with Derek, a lawyer she first met via her detective life, and with whom there has been much flirtation.  They finally get together... but...

In book 3, The Lies Have It, Sasha and Derek are involved, but he's away on a business trip for most of the book.

So... what should I do with her love life in the 4th book, Frisky Business?  I could keep their relationship going, dial it up or down a bit, or I could make her single again.

I would love your input!

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