Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sailing along with Jinx Schwartz

Interview with Jinx Schwartz

1.      I know this is like asking a mother to name her favourite child, but is there one book of the seven you’ve written that you are especially proud of? 

Oh, boy, that’s a tough one. I guess the Hetta Coffey series, because she makes people laugh, and she’s such a pill. 

2.      When you were starting out, what was the BEST writing advice you ever received? 

My first book, The Texicans, is a Texas Historical/Western, so I naively asked Elmer Kelton, king of the Texas western, to read my galley! What a gentleman; he not only read it, declared it pretty danged good for a first book, and reminded me to “show, don’t tell.” 

3.      Now that you have a few books out, and have learned the ropes, know the business, have honed your craft and all that: what is the one thing you wish you had known about being an author when you started out? What is there in the reality of being an author that is different from what you might have expected? 

I have been lucky. My first book I self-pubbed in hard back. Do not do this! I still have a closet full. However, the book was picked up for an audio edition, and then a paperback by a small publisher…so DO do that, just not in hard cover. And I wasted a year or two trying to get an agent. Silly me.

4.      Imagine writing an online dating profile for Hetta Coffey.  What would it say? 

She’s a woman with a yacht, and not afraid to use it. Wimps need not apply.

5.      What’s more fun to write: dialogue or description? 

Dialogue, for sure. I like it snappy.

6.      Name a character from fiction (any genre or any era) that you wish you could bring to life.  Who would it be and why? 

Jack Reacher, so he could kick that wimp Tom Cruise’s butt.

7.      What’s the funniest or weirdest thing a reader/fan has ever said to you (in any medium: email, in person, Twitter, etc.)? 

One reader said Hetta drank too much. And her point is???

8.      Tell me about your current work in progress. 

More like a work-in-stagnation! Too much marketing getting done, and not enough Hetta #5.

9.      How do you come up with your titles? 

For the Hetta Coffey series, she’s on the hunt for a man and buys a yacht to do it, so: Can’t get a man? Just Add Water.  Followed by Just Add Salt, Just Add Trouble, and Just Deserts. Next? Just ? 

10.  The last question is a freebie: What do you wish I had asked you?  Now ask & answer that question. 

Jinx, what do you want readers to know about you? I live on a boat several months out of the year and can’t really swim. 

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  1. Excellent post, thanks :)

  2. A great snappy interview where the humour shines through. I love your last non-question that gives the choice of question to the interviewee, how novel.I may just snaffle that idea.....