Sunday, December 9, 2012

Suggested Bras for the Sasha Jackson Mysteries Series...

This just seems to suit the old bag in "Dead Light District".

This would be perfect for Macy, the runaway teen, from "The Lies Have It".
Sasha doesn't need all these keys - she'll figure out a way to break in!

Perfect for Christine Arvisais, the icy socialite who hires Sasha in "Blood and Groom".

Sasha's BFF Jessica would love this one!  Ooooohhh, CAKE!

Mick (from "Blood and Groom") would probably buy this for Sasha.

Wouldn't surprise me if Candace (from "Dead Light District") owned this one.

Mary Carmen!  Mary Carmen!  Mary Carmen! (in Dead Light District).
This would like, totally, you know, suit Terra from "Dead Light District"

The Weatherman (from "Dead Light District") bought this for his last girlfriend.

Exotic enough to suit Lindsey/Lakshmi, Sasha's other BFF (and soon to be sister-in-law).
Gwendolyn (from "The Lies Have It") has one of these for each day of the week.
A little bit of a confidence boost for when Sasha's having a bad day.

Gotta get this one for Mimi/Minerva (from "The Lies Have It")!
What else would a sculptor by day and dominatrix by night wear?
The only person who could possibly wear this is Carrie Jo (from "Dead Light District").

N.B. I found the images above all over the internet.  I Googled "funny + bra" and "weird" + "bra," plus a few other keywords, and got tons of results (some of which were decidedly NOT what I was looking for!)   
I found each of the bras depicted here on multiple websites or blogs, and have no idea what the original site was (except as noted on the images themselves).


  1. These are too funny! I kind of actually like a couple of the though…..

  2. Thank you, Jill, for keeping us abreast of all the latest developments in lingerie.