Monday, December 3, 2012

Who is Sasha Jackson and what's she all about?

Private Investigator Sasha Jackson has a pair of handcuffs, a pair of drum sticks, and a pair of black silk stockings... It’s anybody’s guess which she’ll use first, but it’s a safe bet she won’t use any of them for their intended purpose.

As her 30th birthday approached, rocker chick Sasha realized she was never going to make it in the music biz, but after a decade belting out cheesy cover songs in Toronto bars, she doesn’t have a lot of options.  As well, the night gigs have pretty much ruined her for ever working 9-5.  

She’s broke and fed-up, so she decides to go back to school and train as a private investigator. She moves back home with her dad, a professional gambler; and her brother Shane, a chef who recently opened a restaurant - an undertaking that necessitated his own return to the nest.    

While Sasha tries to build her investigation business, she works part time at a phone sex hotline to keep afloat until a case comes along that will solidify her PI reputation.  

As Sasha’s caseload increases, so does her exposure to danger, as well as the likelihood of her screwing up or breaking the law.  But after years of fending off drunk guys in bars, there’s very little that Sasha thinks she can’t handle. Except her love life... that’s still a big mess.

Open-minded, independent, and fiercely loyal, Sasha does whatever she must to help those near and dear to her, as long as it sits well on her own moral compass.  Even though she  always does the right thing, she usually does it the wrong way, and she’s likely to hum a tune as she bends the stupid rules that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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