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What Does Cherise Kelley Write???

Today's post is from guest blogger - and very busy writer! - Cherise Kelley.  Cherise has a knack for jumping into a wide array of topics, and she is as comfortable with fiction as nonfiction.  Check out what she has to offer (and read to the end for info about how to get FREE paperback copies of her books!)

What do dog aliens, substitute teachers, and wanna-be brides have in common? Besides Cherise Kelley as their book's author, I mean. Please tell me! Pretty please? I need a short snappy answer when colleagues ask, "So, what do you write?"
Dog Aliens is my series for dog lovers. My two dogs inspired it. We adopted them from the animal shelter, and they are both mixed breed, but they are the smartest dogs I ever met. Raffle uses his intelligence to make his humans happy by anticipating our every whim and being obedient. Oreo uses his smarts for evil! He delights in eating Raffle's food. When we first got him, he ran away all the time and chewed things he shouldn't.

In the books, both dogs are from the planet Kax, but only Raffle knows this at first. Raffle communes with the Kaxians. Oreo thinks Raffle is nuts.

High School Substitute Teacher's Guide: YOU CAN DO THIS! is my way of paying it forward. Someone
was nice enough to explain to me how to get this job when I needed it, and I want today's unemployed college graduates to know they could be working! Many are intimidated by teaching, let alone teaching high school. My book tells not only how to get the job, but how to keep it and love it.

Mixed in are lots of anecdotes. I made many mistakes when I first started out. At the time, they were devastating, but now they make great stories! The last chapter, Don't Be a Bad Example, tells of many bad teachers I have worked with or known of, throughout the years.

How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories is a book that nagged at me for a year until I got it

together.  I interviewed 50 married women to see what they had to do to get their men to commit to marriage. This is a controversial book. Some people think I am advocating manipulation. Others say I shouldn't tell women they have to be married.

One reviewer got it just right. She says if you want marriage, then you shouldn't settle for just living together. That's really the message I want to send.

The first 25 people to post reviews of any one of my books on Amazon get free paperbacks! Buy the Kindle book for a significant discount, review it, and get a free paperback! PM me on Goodreads with your mailing address once your review is up at Amazon!

You can also check out Cherise's blog and some of her articles for Yahoo:

Cherise Kelley's Blog: Size 12 By St Patrick's Day
I also have a weight loss blog... I know! I am all over the place with my writing topics! Anyway, I lost 90 pounds in ten months. Every day, I blogged what I ate and what exercise I did. Today, this blog is about keeping the weight off. Right now, I am 10 pounds over. I've been struggling to drop these ten pounds since Christmas!

OK, and yeah, I also write articles for Yahoo!
Some of the 133 topics I have covered are: Career hopping was good for me,  My dogs are my workout (mostly), How I quit smoking, and You can negotiate most insurance claims. I was a claims adjuster for eight years, in another life...

For more updates, follow her on Twitter @CheriseKelley

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