Friday, November 8, 2013

New Cover for Blood and Groom?

I was never a fan of the original cover for Blood and Groom.  It was my first book, and the publisher chose the cover.  Since I'd never published a book before, I went along with their choice (what did I know?  In fact, what do I know even now?)   I understand why the publisher chose the image they did, but I've had some negative feedback about it since day one.  

So, I'd love to know what you folks think of these samples, each created by a different designer.  I asked the designers to come up with something  similar in style and tone to the covers for Dead Light District and The Lies Have It.  

Which of these  do you prefer?  Should I go with one of the covers below, or ask for more sample from other designers?  (I've looked at so many cover samples for this book, as well as for Frisky Business, that I can no longer see straight!)   In all designs below, I think the page background is a bit to yellowy. However, in all cases, the font size. style, and colour is okay (and it would be easy to change that anyway...)

#1 - Dance 

#2 - Dripping

#3 - Fingerprint

#4 Red Background


  1. I like the first photo! Is that the original you're not happy with? IDK, I'm an odd duck but I really like the very first pic on this post. (I also like Star Trek and Dirty Harry movies but hey.)

  2. Hey Tammy, It's so hard to decide!