Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh no... Netflix series #3

Eye candy... delicious eye candy (and by that I mean the clothes in general, but Auggie shirtless in particular).  There's something very slick about this show.  And Eyal is pretty hot too.  Love all the locations (and the Toronto bits!)  Did I mention Auggie shirtless?  

I like the supporting cast/minor storylines much more than I like the lead actor/main storyline.  I'll check out future episodes just to see what happens to the Christian chick and her hubby.  Clayne Crawford, Abigail Spencer and Adelaide Clemens are the strongest characters in the series IMHO.  

This series really just tries too hard.  It's okay if there's nothing else on, but...  Stilted dialogue, plots have to many holes.  Can be fun at times, but overall it's meh.

Love it love it love it!  Terrific cast, terrific characters!  Powered though one season after the other.  Again, it's a lot of eye candy (whether that means the men or the fashions is irrelevant).  

Very disappointing.  Loved Simon Baker in The Mentalist.  Here he seems petulant and one dimensional... almost vapid.  Supporting cast is mostly good, especially Alan Rosenberg, but Dabney Coleman's character is irksome - cold and soulless.  Weak scripts in terms of both dialogue and plot.

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