Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh oh... Netflix: Series #2

Lovedlovedloved season 1!!!  Liked season 2.  I wish I could to slap Piper.  I want to see more of Alex.  The last scene of the season 2 finale was terrific!

I haven't seen the American version and don't want to.  This Australian show has some of the best script-writing in television!  Cleaver is by far one of the best TV characters ever imagined.  

Eye candy (Jim Longworth).  A fun diversion.  Wish it hadn't been cancelled at the end of season four - theyrleft viewers on a cliff!  Who shot Jim???  And what about the wedding???

Boy, can Kevin Spacy ever play a cold, heartless, calculating son of a bitch!  And Robin Wright as his wife - bee-yotch!!!  Eagerly awaiting the next season.

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