Friday, October 30, 2009

Cocktails in Blood and Groom

Well, like the hardboiled dicks of yore, booze plays a part in Blood and Groom. However, unlike the old sleuth who pulled a fifth of scotch from his desk drawer, Sasha imbibes with friends at funky bars around town.

Sasha's tastes in alcohol are varied; it all depends on her mood, the setting and the company. On a hot summer day, she'll have a fruity drink with an umbrella, and on a cold winter day, she'll pour a coffee with Bailey's.

Sasha and Lindsey knock back a few martinis when they have dinner at Shane's restaurant; they get into the Jagermeister when they go on a tear along Queen West; Sasha hoists a pint of Creemore while at the Wheat Sheaf; and - of course - she enjoys the odd glass of wine... just so long as it doesn't get thrown in her face.


  1. Ha-ha... I love how you can shape a chars demeanor by what they drink, and how much of it they consume.
    It is very smart to utilize this object to elicit a connection between read and character.

  2. Thanks Jeff.... now I have to get back to inventing (and sampling!) cocktails!