Saturday, March 20, 2010

I couldn't make up this stuff!

I heard about a strange and horrible robbery here in Toronto yesterday.  A couple of jerks walked into a hospital and pretended to be visiting a sick friend.  They wandered into the room of an old and dying woman and stole her jewellery.  Yes, from her death-bed.  They will no doubt get caught (security cameras have their pictures and they've been splashed all over the local press).

So, I looked in to other jaw-dropping crimes and came across a website called Clumsy Crooks .  Sure enough, it has the death-bed heist mentioned, but also some other eye-rolling and head-scratching crimes, like:

  • the dentist who used paper clips instead of stainless steel rods in dental surgery
  • a man who showed up drunk at his DUI hearing
  • a man paying his crack dealer with Monopoly money
  • a woman who called police because of suspiscious noises... that turned out to be her vibrator
  • newlyweds who spent their first night of wedded bliss in jail
If I tried to put  these kinds of stories in a novel, the publisher would probably reject the manuscript and/or readers would find the plot hard to swallow.

Yes, truth really is stranger than fiction!


  1. See, we couldn't write this stuff or our editors would say it wasn't realistic enough! LOL!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. For more on real life and crime and fiction, check out the latest post on

  3. kind-of makes you sick...

    BTW your book finally got here, i am halfway through--nice work.

    keep it up.

  4. A couple of those could be used in a comic mystery or romantic comedy, perhaps. But, you're right, you may not get them past your editor.

    Straight From Hel