Saturday, March 27, 2010

New cover look for Penguin Classics

Penguin has created new covers for eight of the books in their "Classics" series.  The covers feature text, specifically quotes from the novels themselves.

The covers are all done in black & white (Penguin) and red (in support of AIDS awareness).  I think they are stylistically striking, and the colour scheme is eye catching to me.  Have a look at all eight covers here:

Not everyone loves the new covers, though, such as the post at the following link:  

I happen to like them very much.  I think the idea behind them is good, I like the various layouts and fonts, and I think the "spillover" to the red bottom border is great. 

How much do you think covers have to do with sales?


  1. I think they mean a lot... at least for me they do.

    And I didn't like the covers in the links all that much. But if a cover speaks to me I would probably buy it, especially if it were paperback and was the genre I normally read...

  2. I think covers make a big difference - sales tool as much as anything else is (or isn't).