Thursday, March 4, 2010

Library Event.... Zzzzzzzz....

Okay, I have to laugh at this!

I did a reading and Q & A at a library last weekend.  My half-brother Mike happens to work there, so he helped with the arrangements (thanks again!).  And, since this was something of a family event, our Dad came along.

Now, Dad has been supportive of me and the book.  He has bragged to his friends, he bought several copies, he came to the launch party.  Proud Papa to be sure.

I did the reading to a small crowd (only about 10 people besides my dad and Mike).  After the reading, people began asking questions - the usual, how long did it take to write Blood and Groom, was it hard to get published, etc.  Then someone asked "where did you get the ideas?" and I told the truth:  Many of the plot ideas came from Dear Old Dad.  But when I answered I said the following:

"My Dad - the guy who's fast asleep in the back row - gave me a lot of suggestions." 

Dad, clued in at that moment and woke up, startled, looked around, gave a deer in the headlights look to the group, and blushed a little.  Everyone else gave a nervous chuckle. 

So, Dad slept through the library event. about feeling like a forgotten middle child ;) 

Luckily, I found it funny!


  1. That is TOO funny! Way to go, Dad!:) At least no one else was sleeping....

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. That's old men for you... my dad would fall asleep at a rock concert.

  3. Pretty funny -- but then, he probably already knew what you were saying -- one reason I discourage my family from attending my events.

    10 in the audience isn't bad -- I spoke once at a library where there were only 3 -- 2 of them librarians and one just there for the cookies. Though, in fairness, there was a winter storm warning...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!