Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reviews for DLD - Round Up of Good Karma!

I am very fortunate (and proud!) to have received a number of favourable reviews for Dead Light District in the last little while.  Here are some of the highlights:

Reviewer Amy Steele of Entertainment Realm says: "Dead Light District makes the reader adore Sasha even more ... Dead Light District makes the perfect summer read as it speeds along and follows Sasha’s train of thought as she works to solve the case." 

Lynn Farris, who reviews mysteries for The says:  "While the book is well written, offers solid characters and an interesting plot, the strength of the book is based on philosophical questions and the research that went into telling this fascinating story. Edmondson shows extreme finese at attacking these deep subjects, while keeping the story still enjoyable to read and exciting."

The love keeps flowing with this review by Joan Barfoot in The London Free Press where she says: "interesting moral ambiguities get discussed in Dead Light District, and Sasha continues to be an appealing character."

There are also some very nice reviews posted on Amazon, some of the warm fuzzies include: 

"Sasha Jackson is a spunky, vibrant, witty girl that gets caught up in the seedy underworld of prostitution and sex slavery while investigating her latest case. This is a fast paced novel ... The author's sense of humor is prominent throughout the book and has many points where I actually Laughed Out LOUD!" From BobbiD. 

 Another review says:  "DEAD LIGHT DISTRICT is another fun romp by Jill Edmondson... The storyline keeps the reader turning the pages right up until the surprising conclusion. Sasha Jackson is sexy, funny, irreverent, hard-working and many other things besides." From Bryan Bessner.

And there's some good karma on Good Reads:

"It's a soft-boiled, sometimes madcap mystery ... but its heart is always in the right place and, despite some of the more outrageous things she does, it's hard not to be routing for Sasha ....A recommended diversion, perhaps over a freshly made mojito." From Alexander Inglis

Of course, I was really happy to see all of these reviews - they sure put a smile on my face!


  1. You should... congrats. It’s always nice to hear your work is appreciated.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I'm beaming :)

  3. Great reviews in some prominent places. Congrats!

  4. great reviews, and well deserved! I enjoyed the book, so I can say you've done an excellent job!

  5. Thank you Helen and Rebecca! I'm grinning from ear to ear :)

    And by the way, I have updated my website and quoted both of you!