Friday, June 10, 2011

The Scene of the Crime (sort of...) Part 3

The style of dress among the S&M crowd is interesting, to say the least.  At the fetish parties in The Stealth Lounge at The Pilot Tavern the dress code was strictly enforced by the party organizers (this kept gawkers and tittering teenagers at bay). 

I never stuck around after my shift to see the party once it was in full swing.  But, for the brief crossover during shift change, I saw more than enough... probably more than I wanted to.  Some of the more outrageous outfits are described in The Lies Have It, which starts off with Sasha bartending at a fetish party at The Stealth Lounge.

I saw people wearing every conceivable style of studded dog collar, leather and PVC outfits, face masks (they took them off to eat), pierced nipples galore (men and women), chaps, miniskirts, bustiers, pink feather boas, plus lots of chains and handcuffs... the list goes on.  There was a guy who looked like the Count from Sesame Street, a few chicks who looked like Morticia Addams, a couple of role-playing nurses and doctors, and there was a guy who came as the back end of a horse (everyone called him Pony Boy). 

With all these strange outfits and costumes, and given the nature of the bondage and domination setting, it struck me way back then that this scenario would make for a great murder mystery.

So, I finally wrote it.  The Lies Have It will be out in November 2011.

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