Friday, August 26, 2011

Jill's very brief bio (proudly devoid of facts & relevant details).

Recently, a number of people have asked me for my CV or a brief bio.  I don't have anything like that on my own website, but Iguana Books has a paragraph on me, plus a never before seen writing sample (it's how I came up with the character of Sasha Jackson's father).

Here's the text from the Iguana bio (in purple), and editorial comments from yours truly (in red):

Jill Edmondson is the author of the Sasha Jackson mystery series. There’s a thin line between Jill and her sleuth Sasha, although Jill has never worked at a phone sex hotline (I'm pretty sure my uncle Doug believes I worked my way through college at a smut line!), and Sasha isn’t a language geek.  (For fun, I read books about language (English or Yiddish usually), language history and evolution, word origins, and about grammar.) By day, Jill is a post-secondary communications professor and ESL assessor (that means I evaluate non-native English speakers in their ability to use/write/comprehend English).

When she’s not writing whodunits or busting people for improperly using semi-colons (just skip them all together if you don't know what a subordinate clause is), Jill enjoys bumming around any country where they speak a Latin-based language.  (I went to Italy this summer and - surprisingly - spoke French most of the time). 

Jill loves head banging rock concerts (this has totally been the summer of the return of Hair Bands!  Have gone to see Motley Crue, Poison, Foreigner, Journey, Soundgarden, Heart, Def Leppard and Night Ranger.  Blondie is next, in September), ice cream (the real stuff, for Pete's sake don't give me low-fat frozen yoghurt), and palm trees, and hates the colour orange (reminds me of my mother) and the letter V (reminds me of my step-mother).

Jill is currently working on the bio of an underrated rock and blues guitar god, as well as the next Sasha Jackson mystery.  (The guitar guy's manager keeps telling me to stop.  He may get his wish.  I haven't got much free time, and need to get cracking on the Sasha books before working on other things).   

I realize that the above is a little thin, so here's a bit more info:

I'm allergic to cats. I'm a disaster in the kitchen.  I have four useless diplomas and two useful degrees.  I'm a rabble-rousing union rep.  I was born in Ottawa.  I'm fascinated by current events, especially American politics/Tea Party/idiot republicans who spout off on Fox News.  I love puns and knock-knock jokes.


  1. And this is how the professionals do it. They make you think you're getting to know the author whilst not actually telling you anything that you can take down and use in evidence :-)

  2. It's all lies, lies lies!!! ;-) Except the part about knock-knock jokes.

  3. Hey, you make kick-ass rum balls!! Not a total disaster!

  4. OMG! Allison! that's right! And you can get drunk off just a few of them :-)