Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crime & Punishment?

It's always nice to see justice prevail, but in the following cases it happens in an unusual way.  A few judges have given sentences that offer a twist on "making the punishment fit the crime."

1.  Judge Sacco of Colorado has a unique way of sentencing people who break noise by-laws.  He makes them listen to blaring music for a given length of time.  The twist is that the song selection is something from Barry Manilow, Dolly Parton, or perhaps a nursery rhyme. 

2.  Judge Hostetler of Ohio wanted to teach a couple guys to respect women.  The guys had thrown beer bottles at a woman, 60.  The guys had a choice of jail time or spending an hour walking around downtown dressed as a woman. 

3.  Also from Ohio: A slumlord in Cleveland was sentenced to six months house arrest in one of his own run-down buildings.  Plus he was fined $100,000.

4.  Melissa Dawn Sweeney of Texas was found guilty of animal neglect (which ultimately led to the death of a horse).  She had to do 30 days in jail, the first three of which she was to be fed nothing more than bread and water, which was apparently "more than her horses got". 

5.  Jennifer Langston of Pennsylvania was convicted of drunk driving causing death.  Her sentence was only 30 days in jail, but she was also sentenced to carry a photo of the man she killed.  The photo - provided by the victim's mother - was a picture of the victim in his coffin.  She has to carry the photo for 5 years.

6.  Judge Mike Cicconetti had an unusual sentence for a teenager who was caught stealing "adult movies" from a video store.The teen had to stand outside the video store, wearing a blindfold and a sign that said "See No Evil".


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  1. I particularly liked number three. I hope these sentences weren't turned over on appeal!