Sunday, November 6, 2011

More weird lawsuits...

1.  Todd Remis of New York sued the wedding photographer because the shutterbug left the reception before the final dance and bouquet toss.  I guess those are special moments that oughtta be captured on film, but... Remis and his wife have now divorced, and the lawsuit was launched after the marriage ended.

2.  Police Officer Jeremy Merck was a customer at Good Foods to Go deli in New Jersey where Ryan Burke happens to work.  Ryan Burke also happened to have been arrested once upon a time by Officer Merck.  For revenge, Burke added some chest and pubic hairs to a bagel ordered by Officer Merck.  Of course, Merck has launched a lawsuit (case is still pending).

3.  An unnamed woman from Wisconsin is suing a man with whom she had a one night stand.  This classy event took place in the man's pick-up truck.  He failed to disclose to her that he has herpes.  She is now suing for $350,000.  By the way: she is married, and so is the guy (but not to each other).

4.  Heavy-set Martin Kessman of New York is suing the White Castle hamburger chain because their seats (stationary booths) are too small, and this violates his civil rights. 

Read more wacky lawsuits here:  (original source).

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  1. Still mad, but at least these ones made me snort, rather than get really really angry, like yesterday's ones did :-)