Monday, November 21, 2011

"The Lies Have It" Launch Party Pics & More!

The launch party for The Lies Have It was earlier this month and it was a blast!

Paul Alves from Paul The Book Guy was there and got some great audio clips from fans of Sasha Jackson.  Listen here.  (The first 5 minutes are about the launch party, but the rest of the episode is well worth a listen too!)

 And of course, we took lots of photos.  Have a look!


  1. I'm glad you had fun. I still think those gingerbread people are awesome :-)

  2. Jill: It looks like a wonderful party. I wish I could have been there. Maybe the next one.

  3. Congrats on the launch - enjoyed your photos. I'd love to have been there in person. You series is amazing and deserves to be a success.

  4. Agree with you - looks an absolute blast - congrats - looks like my kinda party!