Monday, May 28, 2012

Bloody Words 2012

This coming weekend is the 12th annual Bloody Words Mystery Convention.  It will be held at the Toronto Downtown Hilton.

I'm really looking forward to going (I missed it last year!)  It's a great chance to connect with readers and catch up with (or finally meet!) fellow mystery writers.

I'll be part of the following panel discussion on Friday night:  Gumshoes & Cops
Why do authors choose a PI or a cop as their protagonist? Is one better than the other? And how does current technology make these characters’ lives easier or harder?
Alison Bruce, Liz Bugg, Jill Edmondson, Garry Ryan, Jim Napier (moderator)

Then on Saturday, I'll be at the Sisters in Crime signing table from 11:30 to 12 noon.  Following that, I'll be taking part in "Author Speed Dating!" at 4:30 pm.

Check out the Bloody Words site for more event info:


  1. It was great seeing you and engaging in mutual corruption. Can't wait til next time.

  2. More corruption? GREAT! Where do I sign up?