Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chico in Unusual Places

I have two little Maltese dogs that I absolutely adore!  Bella (girl, above, on the right) is 13 years old and Chico (boy, above, on the left, with tongue hanging out) is about 10 years old (unsure of birth date).  

Both dogs are toothless - yes, really, neither one has any teeth; this is why Chico's tongue is always hanging out.  Bella usually holds her tongue in, but smacks her lips a lot as if she's looking for her missing teeth.  Despite the lack of teeth, both dogs eat heartily.

Bella is somewhat camera shy, but Chico isn't, and he's very patient when I place him in unusual poses.  

I love this picture - his tongue and the half closed eyes make him look drunk 
(maybe from above picture???!!!!)

Chico has the orange life jacket; Bella is in pink.  Chico would swim across the ocean if he had the chance; Bella is more of a landlubber.

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