Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Thing: Kayaking

This weekend I did a two-day Intro to Kayaking course.  What a hoot!  

I did do some canoeing when I was much younger, but this is the first time I've ever been in a kayak and I loved it!  I especially loved it because I didn't flip over and have to do any wet exits!

There were eight students in our group, plus two instructors.  All-together, a cool bunch of people.  

The pace of the course was leisurely and we spent most of our time on the water - Lake Ontario - rather than on land just listening to instructions.  My paddling needs a lot of work - I can't seem to go even kind of straight yet, but so what?  I'll just blame wind and waves.  Saturday was actually a bit choppy and wavy (which to me made it even more fun!), and Sunday was calm but hotter than hell.  

I could see myself writing in a kayak scene in a future PI Sasha Jackson mystery - and if I do, you can be sure she'll tip it over and get herself soaked!

Update (Photo) added July 24th:

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