Sunday, February 13, 2011

"A is for the Case of the Burglar Prey"... huh???

Today, I'm the guest blogger over at the Type M for Murder blog, which is hosted by some wonderful writers, including Rick Blechta, Vicki Delany, Donis Casey, John Corrigan, Barbara Fradkin, Hannah Dennison, Frankie Bailey, and occasional guests.

I chose to write about mystery series and titles.  You can probably guess from the title of this post that I'm referring to Sue Grafton, Stanley Gardner, Block, et al.

Swing by the Type M for Murder blog and have a look. 

Cheers, Jill

Follow up:  I have had a few title suggestions posted in comments under the original blogpost @ Type M.  One suggestion is "Lash and Burn" and another is "Spanks for the Memories".  I like both of these!  Thanks Mark!

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